MAPLE LEAF the Sixth and MAPLE LEAF the Seventh

Two of the Seven MAPLE LEAF Shawls knit by greenegirl between February and September 2014.

Last week was the week of all the appointments.  Most weeks, I only leave the house a couple times, mostly for errands.  But last week, I was out every day and for 3 of those days I was out of the house for the entire day.  I did get crafting done and turned in for HPKCHC classes by the end of the month, but I did not write blog posts on my crafting.  The completed crafting included two more MAPLE LEAF Shawls.

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May 2014 Wrap Up

The last few days have been a whirlwind of crafting and posting classes in HPKCHC.  Now that the first month of term is over, I thought I would take a moment to see if I had met the goals I set for this month.  I have three finished projects that have not yet gotten their own blog posts: the MAPLE LEAF shawl, the Ladderstitch Dishcloths, and some dyeing experiments.  I will be writing up detailed posts on those projects and posting them over the next couple days.  In the mean time, here’s the overview!

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HPKCHC Spring 2014 Term

The Harry Potter Knitting / Crocheting House Cup (HPKCHC) Spring 2014 Term started on May 1.  Before term starts, I usually plan out my projects.  I did some of my usual planning for this term, but did not finish or get a chance to write a blog post about it because of getting ready for and attending Maryland Sheep and Wool.  Today, I am finishing my planning.  I did talk about this topic in the one podcast episode I published, but in case you haven’t seen that episode, I will explain in detail how the game works and how I plan for a new term.

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