MAPLE LEAF the Sixth and MAPLE LEAF the Seventh

Last week was the week of all the appointments.  Most weeks, I only leave the house a couple times, mostly for errands.  But last week, I was out every day and for 3 of those days I was out of the house for the entire day.  I did get crafting done and turned in for HPKCHC classes by the end of the month, but I did not write blog posts on my crafting.  The completed crafting included two more MAPLE LEAF Shawls.

Official Stats

Two of the Seven MAPLE LEAF Shawls knit by greenegirl between February and September 2014.
Just keep knitting…

I do not have a lot to say about these shawls at this point.  I’m just knitting them as quickly as I can.  I still haven’t been able to memorize this pattern.  I understand how the pattern works, but there’s enough variations from one line to the next that I can’t memorize it.  I can do short sections without looking at the pattern (for example, I know the decrease pattern for the smaller points), but for the most part I have to read the pattern every time.

I submitted MAPLE LEAF the Seventh for HPKCHC Charms homework.  The prompt for Charms was to craft something on automatic, either something simple or something you had crafted many times before.  I included a picture of all the MAPLE LEAF shawls as part of my homework submission.

Seven Maple Leaf Shawls
See, I really have knit seven of them. I’m not posting the same pix over and over 🙂

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