MAPLE LEAF the Sixth and MAPLE LEAF the Seventh

Two of the Seven MAPLE LEAF Shawls knit by greenegirl between February and September 2014.

Last week was the week of all the appointments.  Most weeks, I only leave the house a couple times, mostly for errands.  But last week, I was out every day and for 3 of those days I was out of the house for the entire day.  I did get crafting done and turned in for HPKCHC classes by the end of the month, but I did not write blog posts on my crafting.  The completed crafting included two more MAPLE LEAF Shawls.

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MAPLE LEAF the Second

I finished the second MAPLE LEAF shawl during the last few days of May.  Knitting this shawl as written results in 52 ends to be woven in after knitting is complete.  I prefer to avoid weaving in that many ends if I can.  In the Ravelry pattern notes, the designer said you could crochet slip stitch from the cast on point to where you need to start knitting next.  When I knit MAPLE LEAF the First, I discovered that if I wanted to crochet slip stitch, I could not knit the pattern in the order it was written because I would have to slip stitch across live stitches.  So I modified the pattern by rearranging the order of knitting so that I would not be slip stitching across live stitches.  Unfortunately, I did not take notes while knitting MAPLE LEAF the First, mostly because I was knitting off my iPad rather than a printed pattern.  For MAPLE LEAF the Second, I took notes as I went along.  This post will include all my modifications, by reference to the original pattern.  It’s taken this long for me to write up this post because I knew it would take a while to write it and I did not have enough time during the first couple weeks of June.

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