WIP Wednesday: September 24, 2014

I’ve got a lot of projects in process right now!  I haven’t quite finished the ones I already had on the needles and I’ve started a few new projects.

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First Ever Weaving

This past weekend, I took a weaving class at my favorite local yarn store (LYS), Knit!  I planned to learn to weave sometime.  After all, it was the only one of the four Ravelry-official crafts that I had yet to try.  I did not have a specific timeframe in mind for learning to weave.  I had a vague thought that perhaps I would try it sometime next year.  Last year, I learned to crochet.  This year, I learned to spin.  Next year, I could learn to weave.  But when I heard that Knit! was having a class, I signed up immediately.  Why not?

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