Ravenclaw Houndstooth Scarf

I planned to finish this scarf before my sister and I went to Harry Potter World at Universal Orlando on January 16.  I finished all the weaving a week in advance, but needed to remove the header, tie the tassels, and wet finish it.  I was having so much fun hanging out with my sister throughout that week that I never got around to finishing the scarf until a few days after she left.  I didn’t wear it to Harry Potter World on this trip, but I’m sure I’ll be back there and have another opportunity to wear my House colors!

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Gryffindor Houndstooth Scarf

I am not going to post about every project I completed during the six weeks I took off from blogging.  I’m making an exception for this project, which I finished before Thanksgiving, because it provides an interesting comparison to the Hufflepuff Houndstooth Scarf.

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Hufflepuff Houndstooth Scarf

For HPKCHC Quidditch Round 4, we must make something that either (1) gets hung on a wall; (2) is a matched set; or (3) is outlandishly large, sparkly, crazy, or distracting.  I’m going with option 2 and weaving a matched set  of 5 houndstooth scarves (using the same pattern qualifies as a set).  That’s one scarf in each of the four house colors and the fifth in House Unity purples.  The Hufflepuff scarf is the first one I’ve finished.

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