Gryffindor Houndstooth Scarf

I am not going to post about every project I completed during the six weeks I took off from blogging.  I’m making an exception for this project, which I finished before Thanksgiving, because it provides an interesting comparison to the Hufflepuff Houndstooth Scarf.

Official Stats

  • Draft: Houndstooth
  • Loom: 15″ Cricket Table Top Loom
  • Reed: 10 dent
  • Warp Stats
    • Yarn: 150 yards (including loom waste) of  Knit Picks Palette in Yellow and 150 yards (including loom waste) of Knit Picks Gloss Fingering in Cranberry
    • Loom waste: 32 yards
    • Total Warp Ends: 110
    • Ends Per Inch (EPI): 10
    • Warp Length: 100″
  • Weft Stats
    • Yarn: 185 yards Knit Picks Palette in Yellow and 131 yards Knit Picks Gloss Fingering in Cranberry
    • Picks Per Inch (PPI): 10 – 12
    • Width in the Reed: 11″
  • Finished Dimensions: 10″ x 82″ (including the length of the fringe)
  • Made for: Three people asked for this scarf, but my sister was first, so she wins 🙂
  • Ravelry Project Page

About this Project

I wanted to post this project specifically because I used the exact same yellow yarn in this scarf as I did in the Hufflepuff Houndstooth Scarf, but because the second color is a different yarn — black in Hufflepuff and cranberry in Gryffindor — the yellow looks a little different.  Here’s a couple pictures of the two scarves side-by-side:


The yellow in the Gryffindor scarf looks warmer than the yellow in the Hufflepuff scarf.  While the difference is apparent in both pictures, I think it is more pronounced in the picture that is zoomed out a little farther.  If you squint, the Hufflepuff scarf almost looks green and the Gryffindor scarf almost looks orange.

Since I started learning to dye last year, my color preferences have expanded.  Before I did any dyeing, I would pretty much stick to cool, jewel-toned colors with some neutral blacks and browns and sometimes red.  If you asked, I would have told you that I would never wear yellow or orange because they just would not look good on me and I just don’t like those colors anyway.  When I started dyeing, I surprised myself because I found some of the oranges to be stunningly beautiful.  Now these scarves showed me that it isn’t just dye that can change colors.  Colors change based on their companions.

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