WIP Wednesday: January 7, 2014

I have several projects in progress, but I’m actively working on only three of them.  I’m hoping to finish all three by Friday!

Mock Rib Scarf

Between Christmas and New Year’s, my friend Stacy was in Florida on vacation.  We met up at a yarn store I had not been to before.  I discovered that they had my favorite charity yarn — Cascade Pinwheel — in stock in a number of colorways that I had not seen before.  I bought a lot of it, probably more than I should have.  When I got home, I cast on this scarf in the Sweet Pea Colorway.  I’m planning to bring it to knit night tonight and finish it while I am there.


Ravenclaw Houndstooth Scarf

I haven’t worked on this project since before the holidays.  I did not bring my loom to New Jersey with me (we drove, so I could have) because I expected I would not have time to work on it while I was there, and this turned out to me an accurate prediction!  However, I plan to finish it by Friday.  Saturday is Distaff Day, and I want to warp on while at that event.  Plus, my sister is arriving for a one week vacation.  We will be going to Harry Potter at Universal Studios and she’s going to have the Gryffindor Scarf that I wove.  I want to be able to wear the Ravenclaw scarf!


NGY Lux Top in I am Bad Wolf, I Create Myself

I’ve had this fiber on my wheel since July.  Admittedly, I haven’t been spinning much due to discovering a weaving addiction, but I’m ready to be done with this spin! I brought it to spinning group last Saturday and made significant progress.  I have maybe an ounce left to spin.  I’m going to bring my wheel to knit night tonight and work on this after I finish the scarf.  I’d like to finish this by Friday also.  I’m not very good at starting a new spin and I’m hoping I can ask some more experienced spinners for help while at Distaff Day on Saturday.


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