The Trouble with Tribbles

Last week was busy, with little time for crafting or blogging.  My sister arrived on January 10 for a one-week vacation.  We went to see three movies (Into the Woods, Unbroken, Selma), which is more movies than I usually see in the theater in an entire year.  We also watched Blu rays at my house; she saw Night at the Museum for the first time and I saw How to Train Your Dragon for the first time.  We played lots of Pandemic, a board gamein which players work cooperatively to cure four diseases that are threatening to take over the globe.  We played mini golf, went to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure, and spent a day in Saint Augustine.  We visited family, including an impromptu dinner at my house one night.  Three times we walked more than a mile: birdwatching with our father and other family, once to hang out with an uncle, and once to the library and back so I could return a book.  It was a pretty awesome week!  Although I didn’t have a lot of time for crafting, I did finish up three projects.  All three were mostly finished, but needed a little bit of finalization.  The Tribbles are the first of these projects.

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UFO Inventory

UFO stands for “unfinished object.”  I personally distinguish between WIPs (works in progress) and UFOs, though some people use the terms interchangeably.  A WIP is something that I’m actively working.  An UFO is sitting around waiting for me to get to it sometime.  I don’t like to have a lot of UFOs.  I do like to have multiple projects in progress, so I always have an option for a project that fits my current attention span and activities.  But UFOs lurk in the back of my head, sucking up small bits of energy and sometimes making me feel guilty for abandoning them.  I used to have a number of unfinished projects, but in January of 2013, I inventoried my UFOs and addressed all but one of them.  Either I finished them or I frogged them.  Since then, I have tried to finish up projects within six months or so of starting them.  Despite those efforts, I have accumulated a few UFOs and I’d like to finish with them.  Today I took the first step towards finishing them by taking them all out and determining what needs to be done to finish each one.

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