January 2015 Plans

I know I’m a little late posting plans for this month, but I needed to write up my plans for the year and do the UFO Inventory before I could articulate clear plans for this month.  I registered as a Student on Sabbatical (SOS) for this term of the Harry Potter Knitting / Crocheting House Cup due to anticipated events that did not come to fruition (thankfully).  I do plan to turn in at least one class per month in order to regain sorting priority (I didn’t turn in a class in November), but my plans for the next few months will be organized according to meeting goals for the year, rather than by HPKCHC activities.

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July 2014 Preview

My original July 2014 plans were make a bunch of granny squares and finish the spinning for my OWL.  Thank goodness!  Since June was such a dismal failure, July has inherited June’s cast offs and I do not have to bump anything off my project list.

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