July 2014 Preview

My original July 2014 plans were make a bunch of granny squares and finish the spinning for my OWL.  Thank goodness!  Since June was such a dismal failure, July has inherited June’s cast offs and I do not have to bump anything off my project list.

July Plans

The theme of July is: FINISH ALL THE THINGS!!  This is pretty much my personal plan every month, but during the last month of a HPKCHC term that personal drive to finish everything gets ramped up in a big way.

HPKCHC Classes / Detention
  • One Row Handspun Scarf by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (on Ravelryon her blog)
  • Granny Squares
  • A pair of plain vanilla socks
  • Irish Hiking Mittens
  • Diagonal Dishcloths
  • Sheplova Mushroom Quinn Bag
  • Hugo Monster
  • Detention: Finish MAPLE LEAF the Third

The Final Round of Quidditch runs July 4 – 27 and has a 450 yard minimum.  I plan to make MAPLE LEAF the Fourth.  This is extra incentive to finish up MAPLE LEAF the Third as I need the needles from the Third in order to start the Fourth.

Advanced Studies
  • OOTP
    • Finish Begonia Swirl Shawl and turn it in by July 13.
    • This means knitting 5% of the shawl / day, beginning on July 1.
  • OWL
    • Spin the remaining 4 ounces of the Psalm 23 Farm fiber.
    • Ply together the Psalm 23 Farm Fiber and the Ohio Valley Farms pin-drafted wool
    • Spin & ply the 4 ounces of NGY fiber.
    • Spin & ply the 4 ounces of Sassy Bee fiber
    • Must be finished by July 31.

July Schedule

July 1 – 3: Knit 5% of the Begonia Swirl Shawl / day.  Finish MAPLE LEAF the Third.  Cast on Irish Hiking Mittens.  Cast on Quinn Bag.

July 4: Spin the rest of the Psalm 23 fiber.  Ply the Psalm 23 fiber and the Ohio Valley pin-drafted wool.  Knit 5% of the Begonia Swirl Shawl.  Cast on MAPLE LEAF the Fourth.

July 5: Attend spinning group in the morning.  Start spinning the NGY braid.  Knit 5% of the Begonia Swirl Shawl.

July 6: Out of town guests arrive.  Knit 5% of the Begonia Swirl Shawl.

July 7-9: Out of town guests here.  Knit 5% of the Begonia Swirl Shawl each day.  Finish the Irish Hiking Mittens.  Granny Squares in down times.

July 10-12: Finish the Begonia Swirl Shawl.  Finish spinning the NGY braid.  Finish the Quinn Bag.

July 13 -18: Hugo the Couch Potato Monster.

July 19-26: Chris on a business trip?  Plain Vanilla Socks.  Finish all spinning and plying for OWL.  Finish MAPLE LEAF shawl.  One Row Homespun Scarf.

July 27-31: Dishcloths and granny squares.

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