January 2015 Plans

I know I’m a little late posting plans for this month, but I needed to write up my plans for the year and do the UFO Inventory before I could articulate clear plans for this month.  I registered as a Student on Sabbatical (SOS) for this term of the Harry Potter Knitting / Crocheting House Cup due to anticipated events that did not come to fruition (thankfully).  I do plan to turn in at least one class per month in order to regain sorting priority (I didn’t turn in a class in November), but my plans for the next few months will be organized according to meeting goals for the year, rather than by HPKCHC activities.


Since I don’t intend to complete my big goal for the year (a sweater) until the fall, my knitting for the next few months will be related to clearing out my UFOs and working on specific projects.

  • Knit one hat / mitten / scarf set for charity
  • Knit one monster for charity
  • Knit the blanket for the layette
  • Finish the Tribble Scrubbies
  • Sew the lining into my Quinn Bag
  • Sew in the ends on MAPLE LEAF the Eighth and block it
  • Finish MAPLE LEAF the Ninth
  • Finish Wearing of the Green Socks



  • Finish spinning the NGY Lux Top that is currently on my wheel.  Ply and set it.
  • Enter fiber stash into Ravelry
  • Determine order for breed specific spinning project
  • Send Stacy a portion of any fibers I have that she does not
  • Spin at least an ounce of two different fibers.
  • Spin at least four ounces of a fiber that is not part of the breed specific spinning project


  •  Finish the Ravenclaw Houndstooth Scarf that is currently on my loom.
  • Try out the floor loom the Weavers Guild is bringing to Distaff Day
  • Weave at least two scarves to save for the Guild sale in December
  • Weave a plaid scarf for my sister


  • Dye all the MAPLE LEAF shawls

Stashdown 2015

  • Enter the yarn I’ve bought in the last couple months into Ravelry
  • Download my Rav stash into a spreadsheet to determine how much I have
  • Determine how much yarn I have in specific weights
  • Set goals for reducing certain parts of the stash (by weight or fiber type maybe?)
  • Set plans for increasing stash of weaving yarns

So far, I’ve finished knitting a scarf for charity, worked on spinning the Lux Top, and done some weaving on the Ravenclaw Houndstooth Scarf.  I hope to finish the spin (but not the plying) on the Lux Top today or tomorrow and finish weaving the Ravenclaw Houndstooth Scarf today.  I’m also going to start on the fiber inventory today.  I’m hoping to finish the inventory today so that when I am at Distaff Day tomorrow, I can look for any fibers that I don’t already own.

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