HPKCHC Fall 2014 Term

I did not do in-depth planning for the upcoming term, like I usually do during the break month.  We are two weeks into the term already.  I need a plan!  If you aren’t familiar with the Harry Potter Knit Crochet House Cup, or would like a reminder on how it works, visit my HPKCHC Spring 2014 Term blog post, which describes the game in detail.

Things I know I want to Craft

I have several things I want to knit during this term, and I need to figure out the best way to slot them into the HPKCHC.

  • Several pairs of socks
  • Several Hugo Monsters
  • At least 8 MAPLE LEAF shawls
  • Mini Maple Leaves to try different dyeing techniques
  • A complete baby layette, reverse engineering the one Chris’s Aunt Lena knit him
  • Mittens to finish up the winter set I’m making for a homeless shelter (Hat and scarf already complete)
  • I am taking a beginning weaving class on September 20, and we should produce a finished object during the class.
  • Super Secret Surprise project (the person this is for may read this blog; I’m not sure)


September Classes

  • Arithmancy (craft something with two equal parts): Mittens
  • Astronomy (craft something inspired by a celestial body): ?
  • Charms (craft something on automatic): MAPLE LEAF Shawl
  • DADA (make something out of many parts that must be sewn together): Hugo Monster
  • Herbology (craft something that covers & protects): Part of the layette, probably the Tam
  • Muggle Studies (craft something to represent the internet): MAPLE LEAF Shawl
  • Potions (brew the draught of peace & show the result): ?
  • Transfiguration (craft something textured): Weaving Project

October Classes

  • Three MAPLE LEAF Shawls
  • Mini Maple Leaves

November Classes

  • Three MAPLE LEAF Shawls
  • Dye all the things!


  • September: Autumnal Socks, already completed
  • October: Baby Blue Hugo Monster or Lux Top Spinning
  • November: Baby Blue Hugo Monster or Lux Top Spinning


When I plan during break month, I know nothing about the Quidditch schedule or requirements.  Since the term has already started, I have a little bit of information!  This term, Dolores Umbridge has cancelled all extra curricular activities, including Quidditch.  So we are having not-Quidditch or try to get Quidditch back or something like that.

Match 1 – Accio Permission Slip! September 5 – September 18

Madame Umbridge left herself room to approve our clubs, teams and groups, but I would wager that a little flattery might go a long way. For this match each player will make something that would appeal to Dolores Umbridge to convince her to let your house play Quidditch. This is not a house pride match but rather we want you to make something to butter up the High Inquisitor. Cats, pink things, tea related items, evil quills ….whatever you can argue she would love is game.

Only a single project may be submitted for this round. Dolores is a quality not quantity kind of witch. Your completed turn in will earn your house 15 points.

Hint – There is a secret bonus point possibility this round if you MAKE are one of her favorites.

I have already completed a project for Match 1: Umbridge Pretty in Pink Kitty Pi.

Match 2 – Join the Resistance! September 23 – October 7
45 points, plus a 15-point Charity bonus opportunity, plus Coaches’ choice bonus opportunity

Match 3 – Join the Inquisitorial Squad! October 12 – October 27
45 points, plus Coaches’ choice bonus opportunity

Match 4 – Go Out in a Blaze of Glory! November 6 – November 27
15 points, plus yardage bonus opportunity, plus Coaches’ choice bonus opportunity

Even this little bit of information does not help a lot with planning.  The fact that Match 2 and Match 3 are worth 45 points each means either that we will be crafting a single item, but there is a high minimum yardage requirement or that we can craft multiple items (I would guess 3), but there is either no minimum yardage requirement or that the minimum yardage is low.  Based on these guesses, here’s my plan:

Match 2: Three Hugo Monsters or a Maple Leaf Shawl

Match 3: Three Hugo Monsters or a Maple Leaf Shawl

Match 4: Maple Leaf Shawl or Super Secret Surprise Project

Advanced Studies

Arithmancy Owl, Option 2: Multiples

This Arithmancy option requires the student to create at least 8 of the same item.  For most classes and OWLs, socks come in a pair, not as individual items.  However, for this OWL, socks are counted individually.  In other words, the minimum requirement is 4 pairs of socks.  I already submitted my OWL proposal and it has been approved.  I am making 6 pairs of plain vanilla toe-up socks, two-at-a-time on two circulars.  The first pair is on the needles and approximately 3/4 complete.

Order of the Phoenix

I have already submitted my B.R.O.O.M and it has been approved.  Here’s my Mission prompt:

BodyGuard Duty: -Guard the Muggle Prime Minister’s Family- The increased vigilance of the Ministry could bode ill for the Muggle World as well. Create garments or accessories (or one large garment) for a member of the First Family to wear which includes a magical symbol that you can use to track them.

For my Mission, I will be reverse engineering the blanket that is part of Chris’s layette.  I will be taking notes and may write up a pattern, but pattern writing is not a part of my Mission.  I just need to finish the blanket.

Although I’m approved for my Mission, we can not start crafting until September 21.  We must be finished no later than November 21.  I could choose yarn and swatch prior to September 21, but I have not yet done that.

Crafting Schedule for September

As usual, looking at my plans makes me doubt my sanity.

September 1 – 7: Fly home from NJ on September 1.  Chris is on vacation this week and his birthday is September 3.  Not much time for crafting.  Submit OWL proposal and B.R.O.O.M.  Cast on for OWL.  Cast on a MAPLE LEAF Shawl.  Submit a Quidditch project (Umbridge Pretty in Pink Kitty Pi).

Sepetmber 8 – 14: In California.  Finish first pair of OWL socks.  Finish at least 1/2 of MAPLE LEAF the Sixth.

September 15 – 20: Multiple appointments this week.  Yarny Goodness at our house Wednesday night?  Meeting Thursday night.  Florida Fiber In on Friday Night.  Weaving class on Saturday.  Finish first pair of OWL socks.  Finish MAPLE LEAF the Sixth.  Finish Weaving project.  Cast on second pair of OWL Socks.  Cast on MAPLE LEAF the Seventh.

September 21 – 27: Appointment all day on 9/23.  Finish MAPLE LEAF the Seventh.  Cast on Mittens for Class.  Cast on Tam for Class.  Cast on Hugo for class.  Cast on for OOTP Mission.  Cast on for Quidditch Match 2 on September 23.

Spetember 28 – 30: Appointment all day on 9/30.  Finish Mittens for Class.  Finish Tam for Class.  Finish Hugo for class.  Finish second pair of OWL socks.  Continue knitting for Quidditch Match 2.  Continue working on OOTP Mission.

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