Learning to Dye, Part 2: Variables

In this post, I am laying out a broad overview of the factors I have learned to consider when attempting to achieve a certain color.  None of these factors is considered in great detail.  The next post will contain a list of resources which can help you flesh out the information here..

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Learning to Dye, Part 1: Why Dye

This is the first in a series of six planned posts on the process of learning to dye.  I am just learning myself, and thought it might be helpful to share the information I’ve found along the way.

Unless you are a regular reader of this blog, you are probably reading this post because you already know that you want to learn to dye and have your own reason for doing so.  I still thought it would be helpful to begin at the beginning with the reasons to dye because the reason you want to learn affects the choices you make in terms of which methods of dyeing you learn first, the types of equipment and dyes that you purchase, and the detail of your recordkeeping as you learn.  The list I have written here is a compilation of reasons I’ve heard for learning to dye and are, in greater or lesser degree, the reasons I am personally learning.  I’m sure the list is incomplete!

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WIP Wednesday: June 4, 2014

A new month, a new set of projects in progress! Well, actually, it turns out it’s only one new project and two that I started last month but haven’t worked on for a while so I could meet other goals.

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June 2014 Preview

Among the many reasons I love HPKCHC is that it pushes me to plan like this.  I get a lot more crafting done when I plan it out like this than I do during those times when I do not make such detailed plans.I’ve taken a couple days to review what I finished in May and look at my original plans for June.  I tweaked my project list a little, and have planned a rough schedule for this month’s crafting.  It is a little different than my original June plans, but it is pretty close!

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May 2014 Wrap Up

The last few days have been a whirlwind of crafting and posting classes in HPKCHC.  Now that the first month of term is over, I thought I would take a moment to see if I had met the goals I set for this month.  I have three finished projects that have not yet gotten their own blog posts: the MAPLE LEAF shawl, the Ladderstitch Dishcloths, and some dyeing experiments.  I will be writing up detailed posts on those projects and posting them over the next couple days.  In the mean time, here’s the overview!

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WIP Wednesday: May 28, 2014

Somehow I have no WIPs to share this week. I’ve finished everything I picked up this week, so either there is no progress at all or the project is complete and waiting for me to take pix and write a blog post for it. Nevertheless, I want to keep up the habit of this weekly update so here’s a quick look at the past week in my fiber crafting life.

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HPKCHC Spring 2014 Term

The Harry Potter Knitting / Crocheting House Cup (HPKCHC) Spring 2014 Term started on May 1.  Before term starts, I usually plan out my projects.  I did some of my usual planning for this term, but did not finish or get a chance to write a blog post about it because of getting ready for and attending Maryland Sheep and Wool.  Today, I am finishing my planning.  I did talk about this topic in the one podcast episode I published, but in case you haven’t seen that episode, I will explain in detail how the game works and how I plan for a new term.

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