WIP Wednesday: June 18, 2014

Since I was in Connecticut last week helping my sister unpack her new apartment, I did not post for WIP Wednesday.  In the two weeks since my last post, I have made progress on several projects, started and finished a couple projects, and started a new WIP!

Begonia Swirl Shawl

When last I posted, the Begonia Swirl Shawl was at 40% complete.  I got it to 50% complete before I left for Connecticut, and have not touched it since.  My original goal was to have it 75% complete by the end of June.  Then I thought I might want to finish it up before the end of June.  Right now, I’m so far behind on my goals for June that I’m not sure if I will get back to it at all before the end of the month.  Here’s what it looks like at 50% complete:


Spinning Pin-Drafted Wool

When last I posted, I was at about 4 ounces spun out of 8 ounces.  Just yesterday, I finally finished spinning this!


This will be plied with 8 ounces of a 50% Shetland / 50% Mohair blend that I bought from Psalm 23 Farm at the Fiber Event in Greencastle, Indiana.  I just started spinning that fiber last night, and have about 1 ounce of it spun so far.


I need to have at least 4 ounces of this fiber spun by the end of June in order to meet the 50% mark for my HPKCHC OWL.  I’d like to have all 8 ounces of it spun and possibly plied by the end of the month!

Granny Square Blanket

I brought 3 projects to Connecticut.  While I was there, I mostly worked on the Granny Square Blanket.  I got 9 squares done: 5 green and 4 purple.


With the 13 I finished last month, that is 22 completed squares.  I wanted to make a total of 35 squares for this blanket, but it looks like I might not have enough yarn to do that.  I think I have enough yarn to make one more purple, one more green, and 6 more multi-colored squares.  that leaves me short by 5 squares.  I either have to stash dive for another appropriate yarn or reconfigure the blanket.  Once I finish all the squares I can with the yarn I have, I will lay them out and play around with the configuration, then decide what to do.

MAPLE LEAF the Third

In the airport on the way home from Connecticut, I cast on for MAPLE LEAF the Third.  I’ve knit about 15% of it.


Preview of the Week Ahead

On Friday, Chris and I are heading to St. Augustine, FL to spend the weekend at a retreat for his job.  I will be working on spinning while I’m home, and bringing knitting with me on the road.  It is a 2 hour drive each way, we will be driving in daylight both directions, and Chris will probably be doing all the driving.  That means lots of time for me to knit!  I will definitely be bringing MAPLE LEAF the Third with me.  I’m not sure yet what else I will be bringing.  I am far behind on my goals for this month, and I am itching to cast on a bunch of my planned projects!

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