Wearing o’ the Green(e) Socks

For the past week, I’ve been focusing on getting these socks finished.  Last Sunday, they came with me to Kennedy Space Center, and I worked on the legs while we waited for Space X to launch a rocket.  They scrubbed 2 minutes before launch (an idiot at the local power company managed to accidentally cut power to the range radar), but I got an inch of knitting done.  I finished the leg by Wednesday, and brought the socks to knitting night at my LYS so I could pick up for the afterthought heels.  And I finished knitting the heels and weaving in the ends on Valentine’s Day, because I spent that entire day lumping on the couch, wiped out with a head cold.  At least the knitting got done 🙂

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Ravenclaw Socks

Yesterday I finished the socks that I have been working on for the last five weeks or so.  These socks are the first pair of my HPKCHC OWL project for this term.  In order to meet the OWL deadlines, I have two more pairs of socks to make this month and three pairs to make in November, so I’ve really got to increase my speed on socks!

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Autumnal Socks

When we moved to Florida, I thought I would miss having four seasons.  My husband said, “If you miss a season, we can always visit it.”  I’ve been living in Florida for 12 years now, and most of the time I do not miss seasons.  We haven’t taken a trip just to visit a season.  We actually get 3 seasons here, though ‘spring’ and ‘fall’ do not happen when I expect them.  We get fall-like weather in February.  I even get to see leaves change in February; the Crepe Myrtles in our back yard turn brilliant red and orange.  Still, September brings with it the expectation of changing colors, and when I look out my windows, everything is green.  So the autumn colorway of the socks I finished before we left for California made me particularly happy.

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First Ever Socks!

I finally finished my first ever socks.  Well, first ever adult-sized socks.  I made 4 minisocks a few years ago, but I have never made adult-sized socks or even a Christmas stocking before.  I started these socks in October 2013, and they have been sitting in my UFO (unfinished object) pile since November 2013, awaiting a new bind-off and afterthought heels.

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