Autumnal Socks

When we moved to Florida, I thought I would miss having four seasons.  My husband said, “If you miss a season, we can always visit it.”  I’ve been living in Florida for 12 years now, and most of the time I do not miss seasons.  We haven’t taken a trip just to visit a season.  We actually get 3 seasons here, though ‘spring’ and ‘fall’ do not happen when I expect them.  We get fall-like weather in February.  I even get to see leaves change in February; the Crepe Myrtles in our back yard turn brilliant red and orange.  Still, September brings with it the expectation of changing colors, and when I look out my windows, everything is green.  So the autumn colorway of the socks I finished before we left for California made me particularly happy.

 Official Stats

  • Pattern: Two at Once, Toe-Up Socks by Kelly Petkun
  • Yarn: 305 yards KnitPicks Felici in Sugared Violets
  • Needles: US 1 / 2.50 mm
  • Made for: Me
  • Ravelry Project Page

About this Project

I used the same pattern and yarn for these socks as I did for my first ever pair.  I made only one change to the pattern, which was casting on 15 stitches rather than 7.  This meant the toes were not as pointy.  I like the fit of the toe much better!

Speaking of fit, these socks actually fit me!


I knit the foot a little longer before putting in the waste yarn to mark the location of the afterthought heels, so the heels are in the right place!


I do think the socks are stretched out a little more than I would like when I am wearing them.  The two pairs of socks I’ve made so far have been 66 stitch socks.  For the next pair, I’m going to try 70 or 74 stitch socks.

I will be making several more pairs of socks in the next few months.  For this term’s HPKCHC OWL, I’ve proposed to knit 6 pairs of socks for Arithmancy.  The Autumnal Socks were my OWL swatch.  This will be my third try at an Arithmancy OWL.  I hope I finally get it done!

The Fate of My First Ever Socks

Since my first ever socks were too small for my feet, I have been shopping around for someone they would fit.  When we were in New Jersey the last week of August, I discovered that they fit my sister-in-law’s U.S. size 5.5 feet perfectly, so they are now hers!

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