WIP Wednesday: November 12, 2014

I haven’t posted progress in a couple of weeks as I’ve been visiting with friends and family.  I’ve got a lot in progress at the moment!

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Spammers Gonna Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

Yesterday I signed into my blog for the first time in a week and a half to find 794 comments awaiting moderation.  Every single one was spam.  Since I have the blog send me an e-mail every time I get a comment, that meant I also had 794 extra messages in my e-mail.

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Homemade Warp Sticks

When I took the weaving class in September, the teacher had us use a long sheet of craft paper to separate the layers of warp.  This worked well and I have used that same method on the three projects I warped myself since the class.  However, I found it much more difficult at home than in the class.  In class, we had a partner helping us warp.  At home, I warp by myself.  I have to hold on to the warp strands tight enough to keep tension, turn the handle so the warp wraps onto the warp beam, and make sure the paper is winding in straight and flat.  I really need at least one, probably two, more hands to make this work properly.  I decided I wanted to try using warp sticks instead since it seems to be an easier method when you are warping alone.

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Brown & Blue Scarf

I’m addicted to weaving.  I love the rhythm of plain weave and how quickly I can see progress on a project.  I have been keeping my loom clamped to the dining room table and throwing a few picks whenever I have a free 10 or 15 minutes.  Even in a short time, I can see that I am getting closer to completion.  It’s like instant gratification!

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WIP Wednesday: September 24, 2014

I’ve got a lot of projects in process right now!  I haven’t quite finished the ones I already had on the needles and I’ve started a few new projects.

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First Ever Weaving

This past weekend, I took a weaving class at my favorite local yarn store (LYS), Knit!  I planned to learn to weave sometime.  After all, it was the only one of the four Ravelry-official crafts that I had yet to try.  I did not have a specific timeframe in mind for learning to weave.  I had a vague thought that perhaps I would try it sometime next year.  Last year, I learned to crochet.  This year, I learned to spin.  Next year, I could learn to weave.  But when I heard that Knit! was having a class, I signed up immediately.  Why not?

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