June 2014 Preview

Among the many reasons I love HPKCHC is that it pushes me to plan like this.  I get a lot more crafting done when I plan it out like this than I do during those times when I do not make such detailed plans.I’ve taken a couple days to review what I finished in May and look at my original plans for June.  I tweaked my project list a little, and have planned a rough schedule for this month’s crafting.  It is a little different than my original June plans, but it is pretty close!

Original June Plans

HPKCHC Classes / Detention
  • Dye my second batch of handspun.
  • Knit the handspun into a scarf for charity, pattern TBD.
  • Ladder Stitch Dishcloth
  • MAPLE LEAF Shawl
  • A pair of socks.
  • One Granny Square for the blanket.
  • Back up / Extra classes will be Granny Squares.
  • Detention: Finish my First Ever pair of socks
  • Round 3: Palindrome Hat
  • Round 4: Kitty Pi
HPKCHC Advanced Studies
  • OOTP Mission
    • Knit 12.5% per week of the Begonia Swirl Shawl
    • Shawl should be at 75% complete by the end of the month
  • OWL
    • The pin-drafted wool should have been completely spun in May
    • Spin the Psalm 23 Farm shetland blend
    • Turn in 50% = all the pin-drafted wool singles plus 4 ounces of the Psalm 23 Farm singles

Updated Plans

My goals for Quidditch and Advanced Studies remain basically the same.  I’m thinking of getting a little further on the Quidditch shawl, perhaps to 90%, because I signed up to participate in Tour de Fleece in July.  I am behind on my OWL since I did not get the pin-drafted wool spun in May.  However, my end goal for June is the same as it was before.  I am changing some of my class plans for June, based on what I did and did not finish in May.  I managed to turn in 7 classes in May, and I’d like to be able to do 8 in June.  I’ve never done all 8 classes before and I’d like to do it some time.  Since I seem to be on a roll, perhaps this is the month!

HPKCHC Classes / Detention
  • Dye my second batch of homespun yarn
  • One Row Handspun Scarf by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (on Ravelry; on her blog)
  • MAPLE LEAF Shawl
  • Granny Squares
  • A pair of plain vanilla socks
  • Irish Hiking Mittens
  • Diagonal Dishcloths
  • Sheplova Mushroom Quinn Bag
  • Hugo Monster
  • Detention: Finish my First ever pair of socks

Since I did so many Ladder Stitch Dishcloths in May, I found a new crochet dishcloth pattern for June.  The Diagonal Dishcloths are worked on the bias, increasing as you get towards the middle, then decreasing your way back down.  I picked this pattern so I could learn to do increases and decreases in crochet.  The Irish Hiking Mittens were on my list in May for Quidditch, but when I decided to do Monsters instead, that pushed the mittens forward.  I decided to do another Quinn Bag because I am planning a series for this blog, demonstrating some unique ways that I use my interchangeable needles.  The Quinn Bag allows me to demonstrate at least two of those techniques.  Right now, this class list includes 9 projects and I only need 8.  Something will get bumped to July.  Most likely, it will be the Hiking Mittens or the socks.  One or the other this month, I think, but not both!

June Schedule

June 1 – 7: Finish Palindrome Hat for Quidditch.  Dye the Handspun Yarn.  Finish spinning the pin-drafted wool for OWL.  Begonia Swirl Shawl to 50%.  Cast on Quinn Bag.

June 8 – 12: In Connecticut to help my sister move.  Bring Handspun scarf, granny squares, and Quinn Bag.

June 13 – 19: Kitty Pi for Quidditch Round 3.  Begonia Swirl Shawl to 62.5%. Finish and turn in Detention Socks.  Cast on plain vanilla socks.  Cast on MAPLE LEAF.  Spin at least 2 ounces of Psalm 23 fiber.

June 20 – 22: In St. Augustine with Chris for his business trip.  Bring plain vanilla socks, MAPLE LEAF, and crochet dishcloths.

June 23 – 30: Finish plain vanilla socks.  Finish MAPLE LEAF.  Finish crochet dishcloths.  Spin at least 2 ounces of Psalm 23 fiber and turn in 50% OWL.  Begonia Swirl Shawl to 75%.  Hugo Monster.

This is a rather ambitious schedule.  If I finish everything, I will be craft my way through at least 1800 yards of yarn!  So far, I have started the Palindrome Hat, spun a bit for my OWL and gotten the Begonia Swirl Shawl to about 40% complete.  In other words, so far, I’m on schedule.  It is, however, only the 3rd.  Stay tuned to see how the rest of the month goes!


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