WIP Wednesday: August 6, 2014

I have been delinquent in my WIP Wednesday posts, in part because I have been embarrassed by how little crafting I did in July.  But that is one purpose of the WIP Wednesday posts: motivating me to make progress, because it isn’t interesting content if there’s no progress.  Fortunately, I have progress!

Granny Square Blanket


I have now accumulated 27 squares for the blanket.  I accidentally used the wrong hook on the last 3 squares, so I have to decide if I want to rip them out entirely and redo them with the right hook or if I want to rip out the last round so they are the right size overall.  I am probably going to rip them out entirely.  In addition to redoing those 3 squares, I believe I have enough yarn to finish 2-3 more squares.  Then it is time to assemble the blanket!  I hope to finish assembling it this month.

MAPLE LEAF the Third


I still haven’t finished weaving in all the ends.  I am doing them a little bit at a time, as a break between bouts of housework.

MAPLE LEAF the Fifth


No rest for the weary.  As soon as I finished MAPLE LEAF the Fourth, I cast on for MAPLE LEAF the Fifth.  I started it last Friday, and I am about 1/4 through the pattern.

NGY Lux Top


As soon as I finished plying the Neverending Spinning, I started on the next fiber that was to be part of my OWL: a 4 ounce braid of Nerd Girl Yarns Lux Top (80% Merino / 20% Silk) in the I am Bad Wolf, I Create Myself colorway (that’s a Dr. Who reference, for those who don’t watch that show).  This fiber really wants to be thin; I’m assuming that is the influence of the silk.  At times, it is so thin I can barely even see it.  I predrafted the entire braid and rolled it into a ball.  I am doing additional predrafting in sections as I go.  It is the only way I can spin the fiber the way it wants to be spun and have any control over it at all.  I started with my drive band on the 5:1 ratio, then switched to 8:1 so that I could get enough twist into it and spin it faster.  I love how the colors are coming out in the spun single.  The yellow is so lemony!

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