WIP Wednesday: April 15, 2015

Seems like just yesterday that I wrote a WIP Wednesday post!  I’ve been working on two projects and making decent progress on both of them.

Splash Socks

Since last week, I finished the toes and I’ve knit about half of the foot.

Super Secret Shawl

I finished the swatch, and love how it looks!

I did a little math to figure out the best shawl dimensions for the amount of yarn I have and cast on.  I knit a 5 row garter stitch edge, then started the pattern repeat.  There’s 26 rows in a repeat.  I’ve knit 17 rows of the first repeat.  It’s not a difficult knit, but I have to have excellent lighting when knitting.  The yarn is not very dark — the color on my screen seems like an accurate representation — but in low light conditions, the yarn reads as a darker, navy color and it is difficult to see.

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