Brown & Blue Scarf

I’m addicted to weaving.  I love the rhythm of plain weave and how quickly I can see progress on a project.  I have been keeping my loom clamped to the dining room table and throwing a few picks whenever I have a free 10 or 15 minutes.  Even in a short time, I can see that I am getting closer to completion.  It’s like instant gratification!

Official Stats

  • Draft: Plain Weave
  • Loom: 15″ Cricket Table Top Loom
  • Reed: 8 dent
  • Warp Stats
    • Yarn: 220 yards (including loom waste) Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted in Chocolate
    • Total Warp Ends: 72
    • Ends Per Inch (EPI): 8
    • Warp Length: 100″
  • Weft Stats
    • Yarn: 283.5 yards Patons North American Classic Wool Worsted in Wedgewood
    • Picks Per Inch (PPI): 13
    • Width in the Reed: 9″
  • Finished Dimensions: 8″ x 88″ (including the length of the fringe)
  • Made for: Christmas present, I think
  • Ravelry Project Page

About this Project

I was very excited that the scarf came out looking striped.  The weft yarn is a variegated yarn with short lengths of color.  I did not measure the length of the colors in order to plan for stripes.  I calculated the width of the scarf in order to use up all of the warp yarn.  The stripes were a happy accident.

I was also happy to discover that Knit Picks Wool of the Andes  was a good warp yarn.  I mentioned in my previous weaving posts that I was struggling to find warp yarn in my stash.  I have several balls of Wool of the Andes that I received as Christmas gifts in 2006 or 2007.  They’ve just been sitting in my stash, waiting for me to find an appropriate project.  Now I can use them for warp yarn!

When I originally made this scarf, I thought I would give it to charity.  Now that it is finished, I’m thinking I might give it as a Christmas gift.  I have just enough of the Paton’s yarn left to make a matching hat.  I like to make gifts for my family, but I usually only make gifts for the women because I don’t have good ideas for handcrafted gifts for the men.  This scarf, with a matching hat, seems like a good gift for one of the men, and got me thinking that I could make scarf and hat sets for some of the men on my list.  I’m going to go through my yarn stash and see if I have appropriate yarn for everyone.


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