Only a Mama

You know how people say, “That kid has a face only a mama could love?”  That’s how I feel about my first handspun yarn. I’m excited — I spun that!!!!  It’s awesome!  I MADE YARN.  It feels like a superpower.  Secretly, though, I know it isn’t very pretty. Here’s a preview: (more…)

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My Wheel Arrived!!

My spinning wheel arrived.  I bought the wheel on Friday at The Fiber Event in Greencastle, Indiana.  Susan told me that by ordering it on Friday, I should have it on Monday.  All day, I was distracted, waiting for the wheel to arrive.  FedEx and UPS deliver to my house late in the day.  I […]

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Where Have I Been?

I am transforming this website from a podcast site into a blog.  Even though I only ever released one episode, I’d like to explain what happened and what my new plans are for the site. When I first started the podcast last fall, I had a great deal of fun.  I recorded 7 episodes, even […]

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Episode 1: Hello World

  Transcript Show Notes 00:21 Welcome 00:35 About Me 8:22 About This Podcast 10:31 Knitting Plans  Harry Potter Knitting / Crocheting House Cup Ravelry Group Pattern Pages for the projects I plan to make in September Quinn Bag (free pattern; Ravelry Link; Website link) Ladder Stitch Dishcloth (free pattern; Ravelry link; Website link) Kitty Pi […]

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