WIP Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This morning I had a routine doctor’s appointment.  After the appointment, I scheduled another appointment for October 1.  The receptionist repeatedly said, “August 1,” even after I clarified that she meant October.  This happened at least 3 times.  It was confusing me, but at the same time I understand her perspective.  How can it possibly be September?  And halfway through September?  And a Wednesday again?  The good news is that I’ve gotten a lot of knitting done this week.  Seven hours on a plane meant lots of progress on my socks.  I can never sleep on a plane, and my seat was the only one in my visual range with the overhead light on for our red-eye home from San Francisco!

Ravenclaw Socks

I was hoping to finish the socks while I was away, but I knew that was an ambitious plan.  It takes me about an hour to knit each stripe.  I’m about 3/4 done with these socks, though, and I do expect to finish them over the upcoming weekend.


MAPLE LEAF the Sixth

I’m also about 3/4 done with MAPLE LEAF the Sixth.  I’d also like to finish it over the upcoming weekend.


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