Little Owl’s Orange Scarf

I have a small collection of children’s picture books, even though Chris and I do not have any children.  Most are books I personally loved as a child.  When I come across amazing children’s books, I add them to my collection.  When children visit our house, they get to check out the collection and I occasionally pick one up and read it myself just because it makes me happy.  This weekend, I unexpectedly stumbled across a picture book featuring knitting, so of course it came home with me!

The book is Little Owl’s Orange Scarf, written and illustrated by Tatyana Feeney.  Little Owl does not like his orange scarf.  He repeatedly tries to lose the scarf, but his mother always finds it.  Finally, on a field trip to the zoo, Little Owl manages to lose the scarf for good.  Little Owl’s mother brings him to a yarn shop which “was more exciting than Little Owl expected.”  Then mother knits a new scarf, which Little Owl likes a lot!

The story is charming.  I love the subtle details in the line drawings, like the way Little Owl’s ears are up or down or half-up based on his mood.  It took a couple times reading through the book before I picked up the way the use of color foreshadows the end of the book.  Owls, knitting, charming illustrations, what’s not to love?!

The links in this review are Amazon affiliate links.  However, I personally picked this book up at Cracker Barrel.  After we had breakfast, I was wandering in the shop, and found this book on the 80% off shelf, which meant it only cost US$3.40!  If you are interested in the book and have a Cracker Barrel near you, perhaps you can get a good deal too.

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