Tour de Fleece, Stage 7

Today I continued plying the cormo.  While plying is faster than spinning, it still takes a long time when your singles are like thread!  I finished the first bobbin and barely started on the second bobbin.


I haven’t mentioned this before, but I a towel under my spinning wheel to protect our hardwood floors.  The small movements the wheel makes while I’m spinning scratched my floor the first couple times I used the wheel.  I usually pick the towel up at night to keep it away from the cats.  I forgot to pick up the towel last night and someone puked on it during the night, so I put a different towel on the floor today.  Fortunately, the guilty feline missed my wheel and my bobbins of spun yarn.  I would not have been happy to find dried up cat puke ruining my beautiful singles!

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One Response to Tour de Fleece, Stage 7

  1. Kylie July 11, 2015 at 9:21 pm #

    Life with cats lol. I’ll never understand why they always vomit on carpet instead of the tiles. Your Cormo is coming along nicely.

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