KCBW6, Day 6: Polls Apart


On this blog, I write about knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, and dyeing.  It’s obvious just from the count of posts in each category that I spend more time on knitting than I do on the others, even though I know how to do them all.  I want to learn to sew, tat, and make bobbin lace.  But what about you?  Which fiber crafts do you already know and what do you want to learn?  I’d love to know — it’ll help me write blog posts that meet your interests!

NOTE: The poll is an embedded Survey Monkey poll.  I discovered when I was previewing the post that the poll did not show up when the page loaded, but it did when I refreshed the page.  Also, if you are reading on a mobile device, the poll may not display.  The poll consists of 3 questions. You may need to scroll down in the embedded box to see the third question and the submit button! If you prefer, you can follow this link to Survey Monkey and take the poll there.