Fibery Adventures in San Francisco & Berkeley

Chris and I were in San Francisco from September 8 to 13.  Chris had to attend a conference for work starting the evening of the 8th and ending at noon on the 11th.  I tagged along for a vacation.  Whenever I travel, I always try to incorporate local fiber into my vacation.  At a bare minimum, I visit a Local Yarn Store (LYS).  I try to buy a yarn that is local, either because it is spun from locally raised fiber animal, it is hand-dyed locally, or it is manufactured by a small local business.  I also look for textile museums or other points of fibery interest that I can visit.  I rarely drag Chris to these places, as he generally finds them boring, but I take any opportunity to go on my own and bring Chris when the fiber can be combined with something he finds interesting.  Since Chris was in the conference, I had two entire days on my own in San Francisco, and I used part of that time in fibery pursuits.  On Friday, I did bring Chris along to one fibery exhibit.  My fibery adventures barely scratched the surface of everything that is available in greater-San Francisco!

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