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I went looking for an Index of PLY Magazine articles and did not find one. The PLY Magazine website does list every issue, with its theme, but there’s no index to the individual articles. While it’s easy to grab an issue if the theme matches something I’m trying to figure out at this moment, it’s also true that issues on other themes will contain information I might be trying to find. For example, the theme of Issue 20 is Flax, but Issue 40 (Science) also contains an article on the processing of bast fibers, including Flax.

I decided to create an index for myself, and figured that if I was looking for one, other people would be too, so I might as well put it on my website. NOTE: I am not associated with PLY Magazine in any way, other than as a subscriber. This is an ongoing project, that I’m doing out of my personal love of the magazine and with the hope that it might be useful to someone other than myself.

Inevitably, creating an index is a highly personal endeavor. It’s also a lot of work. I am creating this index manually, by reading through each issue of the magazine and collating the titles and authors of the articles. I’m adding the information to a spreadsheet, then uploading from the spreadsheet to this website.

Since my primary purpose in creating this index is to make it easier to find information to help me with my current spinning projects, I decided to index only the articles. This means I am not indexing From the Editor, Franklin Habit’s cartoons, Tip Jar, SCENE, advertising, or any other features that are very short form or primarily visual.

In addition, as I type this, I am in the midst of restructuring and reviving this blog. I have a specific vision for how I am going to proceed, and in support of that vision, I’m adding categories for Disciplines, Materials, Tools, and Skills. I’m tagging each of these PLY articles with these categories, and eventually clicking on any of the categories on one of the PLY articles will get you a list of related articles on my blog.

The Actual Index

The Search works as an OR search for items in the same category and an AND search if you select terms in multiple categories. For example, if under the Materials section you select both ‘Locks’ and ‘Corriedale’ as search terms, you will get a list of articles that contain one or the other of those terms. But if under the Materials section you select ‘Corriedale’ and under the Tools section you select ‘Spinning Wheel,’ you will get a list of articles that contain both terms.

When you select a search term in one category, you will see search terms in other categories disappear. This is because putting both terms into the search would yield no results. This helps narrow your search options, even before your search executes. Your search does not execute until you click the SEARCH button at the end of the list of search terms.

Clicking on the title of an article opens a post on this website with additional details about the article, including the issue in which it was published and the author’s name.

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