Tour de Fleece 2024

Curiouser and Curiouser is sponsoring a Wild Card team for Tour de Fleece.

We are a Zoom-only hang out, chat, and craft group. You do not need to be a member of Curiouser and Curiouser to participate on our Tour de Fleece team. However, if you’d like to join Curiouser and Curiouser, you can sign up here.

Tour de Fleece is an annual spin-along that started on Ravelry. The basic idea is that as long as the Tour de Fleece competitors are spinning along on their bikes, we spin along on our spinning wheels. For more information, see the main Tour de Fleece group on Ravelry.

The purpose of the Tour de Fleece is to challenge yourself and have fun! The Curiouser and Curiouser team is a low-key group, here to cheer you on at whatever level of participation you choose. We don’t have prizes or anything for sale. We’re just here for camaraderie! We do have a Ravelry chat thread in the Through the Yarny Curtain Ravelry group, if you’d like to chat and share pictures there.

Supporting Your Goals

Curiouser and Curiouser would like to help you meet whatever your personal goals are for Tour de Fleece. To that end, we are offering an email reminder service. You do not have to sign up for emails to participate in the Curiouser and Curiouser Tour de Fleece team. Feel free to head straight to the Ravelry chat thread linked above and join there.

If you do sign up for reminders, you will receive:

  • A welcome email with a few details about the Tour de Fleece and a reminder of the goals you set;
  • One email reminder for each day of the Tour de Fleece (Saturday, June 29 – Sunday, July 21, 2024);
  • A wrap up email;
  • An invitation to join a similar reminder list for the Ravellenic Games (Friday, July 26 – Sunday, August 11, 2024);
  • An invitation to join a similar reminder list to spin along with Tour de France Femmes (Monday, August 12 – Sunday August 18, 2024);
  • An invitation to join a similar reminder list before the 2025 Tour de Fleece.

That’s it. No sales, no pressure. Just reminders to help you accomplish your goals.

Registration Form

Tour de Fleece 2024

Your Goals

Enter up to 3 goals.  All 3 goals will be in the reminders sent on regular race days.

Take Care of Yourself

We rest from our spinning on the days the Tour de France riders rest.  On rest days, what do you want to do to take care of you?  You’ll receive a reminder of these things on the rest days (July 8 and July 15).

Challenge Yourself

Some days of the Tour de France are particularly hard days of riding – sometimes they are literally biking up a mountain.  When the riders challenge themselves, we try to challenge ourselves, doing more than our basic goals.  How do you want to challenge yourself?