I wanted to make some mini maple leaves using the same yarn I am using for the MAPLE LEAF Shawls.  I have a few different ideas on color schemes and techniques for dyeing the shawls, but I have never dyed an already knit object.  I will practice on the mini maple leaves first.

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Mini Maple Leaves

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The mini maple leaves came out quite a bit smaller than I hoped.  I was looking for something that would be the size of my entire hand, but these are small enough to fit easily in my palm.  I think they will still work, however, and I plan to make several more.  I have 11 shawls to dye, and it’s possible that I will need to go through multiple iterations for each one, so I will probably make a couple dozen of the minis.

The pattern does have errors.  Every row that starts with binding off stitches, then purling the rest of the row, gives the wrong number for purl stitches.  In every case, the pattern tells you to purl one more stitch than you have unworked stitches.  I think the author of the pattern forgot that you have one stitch on the needles from working the bind off stitches.  Since that stitch has already been worked, you do not have to purl it.

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2 Responses to Mini MAPLE LEAVES

  1. Kahlie Mayor December 20, 2014 at 5:52 pm #

    I would have appreciated you letting me know that you found errors.

    • Karen Greene December 31, 2014 at 4:54 pm #

      I’m sorry I didn’t let you know! I really enjoy your pattern and it worked perfectly for my needs 🙂

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